International Experience. Personal Service. 

International CPA Group, PLLC is a forward-thinking firm with Old-World Values. Our clients rely on us to show them ways to better manage their businesses so they can grow and be more profitable.  We create actions plans, for example, and check in to make sure they are meeting their targets.  Because our software allows us to manage their data in real time, we are able to be much more proactive than we could in the past.


Robert Hodgson

Certified Public Accountant

International Tax CPA

Business PARTNER


Bob is especially knowledgeable in the areas of international taxation, tax treaties and cross-border business formations. 
In addition to his professional experience, Bob has served as Managing Director and CFO for public and privately held companies. He is currently Managing Direcotr of an international consultancy, headquartered in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Bob’s hands-on business experience offers clients an unique insight into helping them succeed.
Bob is enthusiastic about the challenge of helping his clients manage their businesses and save tax dollars. The personal attention Bob gives his clients and his proactive approach to helping his clients achieve their business and financial goals have directly contributed to the growth of his firm.
“I am constantly pushing our team to be proactive, to be in a position to give the client answers before they ask the question.  Our clients really look to us to take care of their business for them, so they can focus on doing the work they love.”