Comprehensive Business Services

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International CPA Group provides a comprehensive business services from formation of the company to annual reporting, including entity type decisions, cash flow projections, regulatory guidance, banking relations, minimization of U.S. taxes at federal, state and local level, and required reporting requirement.

20 Steps to Starting Business in the United States

 1.    Create a Business Plan

2.    Determine Financial Requirements

3.    Chose a Business Name

4.    Register a Domain Name

5.    Determine Legal Structure

6.    Select a State for Headquarters

7.    Apply for IRS Employer Identification Number (EIN)

8.    Select a Register Agent

9.    Apply for Federal and State Licenses

10. Set up a Website

11. Register Social Media Profiles

12. Lease a Retail or Office Space

13. Select an Accounting System

14. Consult with Tax Advisor

15. Consult with Insurance Agent

16. Hire Employees or Independent Contractors

17. File for Trademarks and Patents

18. Plan for Marketing and Sales Team

19. Secure your Back Office

20. Get a Business Coach

Business Licenses and Permits

Setting up a business in the U.S. can require many federal, state and local licenses. In most states, businesses need licenses and/or permit to operate and comply with government mandates for health safety, soundness and tax.

Failure to comply with license and permit requirements can lead to large penalties or leave business owners with no legal protection.  A review of the requirement by our firm is recommended before starting your operations.

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